Saturday, February 3, 2018

Letter to President Biden

The letter sent to District Attorney Falls produced no results on my behalf (see Legal Action - 08/08/12).  Please contact the Jefferson County District Attorney's office for the reasons why.

Request your assistance with getting the following message to President Biden (or anyone directly associated with brain research).  A copy and paste with a  fax to the White House (202-456-2461) will suffice to remain anonymous if desired.  My efforts are being intercepted.  I will be extremely grateful for your assistance.

Dear President Biden,

Your assistance is necessary in a matter that may be considered another step in human evolution.  In conjunction with brain research we can prove that telepathy between humans has been occurring for over twenty-five years and develop methods of utilizing it solely for the benefit of mankind.  Only with your authority can this be accomplished.

I am a law abiding citizen and the central figure in one of the longest cases in FBI history (under FBI surveillance since 1994).  A case that includes FBI agents and at least one person in the Justice Department spending tens of millions of tax payer dollars to prevent public discovery due to the unlawful, unconstitutional, shocking nature of their involvement.  FBI "internal agency matters" and "techniques and procedures" have been publicly revealed throughout this case.  

A brief summary of this case can be read at "".  Within this blog I disclose the telepathy investigated and confirmed by the FBI including the non-consensual  telepathic connection existing with FBI informant Kelly Leigh Dickenson.  Miss Dickenson is a former coworker of mine at Energen Corporation and has been forcibly living with FBI agents due to her telepathic abilities since 2003.  A direct conversation with Miss Dickenson regarding her actions while employed by Energen Corporation forward is the most efficient method to uncover the true nature of her and the FBI's involvement in this case

Naturally individuals within the FBI and Justice Department will continue to destroy my credibility and character in order to protect their own.    If they admit to their involvement, determining why they have not addressed me with any of these questions, issues, complaints i.e. matters since 1994 also reveals motives for the FBI surveillance.  

Under your authority law abiding witnesses will be free to come forward without DOJ and/or FBI "obstruction of justice" that prevents public discovery of the unlimited benefits telepathy has already demonstrated.  My attempts to obtain legal representation are being oppressed.

Please help us demonstrate how telepathy can be used for the benefit of all mankind.   The investigative process of  telepathy is ideally suited for brain researchers rather than any surveillance/tests the FBI can undertake and withhold from the public.  

President Biden, thank you for your consideration in these matters.  I am certain your involvement will lead to people around the world thanking you as well.  Please acknowledge your receipt of this letter.  I will continue to contact you until I have confirmation that these matters have been brought to your attention.

With Highest Regards,

John Paul Vincent
Lincoln, Al

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