Saturday, August 1, 2015

CNN iReport

CNN iReport is a webpage where everyone can share their story with the world.  I posted the following story (slightly revised) on Sunday, July 25th, 2015.  The following Monday it was placed in status "Not Available".

I request your assistance with publicizing this story (anonymously?) until such time Miss Dickenson is allowed to respond to it.   

Two Sides To Every Story

For those interested we hear stories that involve the FBI and Justice Department just about every day. So, let me be the first to say how grateful I am for the people who serve our country to keep it free from oppression and injustice. The story I bring to your attention involves those within the Justice Department and FBI who use their position to obstruct justice, promote tyranny for personal gain, commit fraud, and extort anyone who wishes to expose them.

Considering I have been under FBI surveillance since 1994, I am certain the FBI knows a great deal about me. Whether what they say about me is true or not can only be ascertained when it is stated publicly.

Why has the FBI kept me under surveillance for so long? Initially it was to prevent me from winning a lawsuit against a former employer of mine, Energen Corporation.  How can this be proven?  Through Kelly Leigh Dickenson.  Miss Dickenson was a corporate attorney at Energen Corporation at the time of my employment there. Now she is being utilized by the FBI and William Mike Warren's friend in the Justice Department for one reason - her telepathic ability to torture me while attempting to brainwash me in the process. Mr. Warren was the CEO of Energen Corporation at the time of my employment there (1983-1994), and is currently the CEO of Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Al.

Unbelievable you say?  Check her out.  She is not employed by the FBI and should be publicly accessible. Try to contact her and speak to her and watch the FBI or Justice Department intercede. They do not want the public to see the mental condition she is in.  Mr. Warren is keeping her broke, subservient, and isolated for his personal gain. She has no friends or family to keep in contact with.  Mr. Warren is telling her that he will eventually pay her for her services. I am certain you will not be able to find verifiable evidence of her actions since 2002.

Imagine a world where humans were telepathically communicating with one another. Talk to the experts. If a few can do it, why can't everyone else? The FBI has witnessed a small part of how telepathy can be utilized since 1994, and those illegally involved have made the decision to prevent the general populace from finding out about it.

I request a meeting with the leadership of CNN to further discuss this story. This is the tip of the iceberg, easily verifiable with public awareness from all news organizations. Empower the public. It will be worth your time invested.

Perhaps many already do unknowingly communicate telepathically and have not been subjected to the environment to discover it as we have.

The taxpayers are footing the bill.

Please be aware that my life is in danger.

I fully understand the legal consequences of false or fictitious statements I make.


John Paul Vincent